A license/download key must be assigned to a customer, so before creating a download key, you'll first need to create the customer (if it doesn't exist).

{warning} You must have permission from your customers to store thier personal details on UpdaterCloud servers, which are located in the EU.

Create customer

Customers can be created by using the New button in the top toolbar.

Edit customer

You can edit the customer details by clicking on the Edit button next to the customer you want to edit from the customers list.

Customer details

When creating a new customer, or editing an existing one, the following fields are available:

Field Required Description
Name Yes This is the customer name.
Email Yes The customer email must be unique.
Entity No The customer can be an individual or a business. If the customer is a business, the business name and vat number fields will become visible.
Business name Yes The business name is only required if the entity type is business.
VAT/TAX number No The business VAT/TAX number.
Country No The customer country.
State No The customer state/region.
City No The customer city/town.
Address No The customer address (street, house number).
Postcode No The customer postcode/zipcode.
Phone No The customer phone.
Notes No The notes about the customer are only visible to update server managers. Customers won't see these notes.

Filter customers

Customers can be filtered from the customers list, by clicking on the Filter button in the top toolbar.

Delete customer

Customers can be deleted from the customers list, by clicking on the Delete link next to the customer you want to delete, or from the customer editing page.

{danger} Deleted items are not recoverable. This action is permanent and can't be undone. Deleting a customer will also delete all associated download keys and activations.