Product groups


Product groups are an optional UpdaterCloud Release System feature that allows you to group more products, so you can later assign download keys to entire groups of products, instead of selecting products individually. This is useful when, for example, you have tens or hundreads of products that all require the same download key. You can split your products by platform type (Joomla components, modules plugins, templates or WordPress plugins, themes), or you can split products by type (free, commercial), or by application, if your application has a built in plugin manager to handle it's premium functionality (e.g. the Jomres booking system plugin for Joomla and WordPress).

{warning} One product can belong to only one group, so make sure you come up with the right groups for your specific needs.

When you first start with UpdaterCloud, you'll already have a Default group created. You can change it's name, description, but you can't delete this default group. If you don't want to use the Release Groups feature at all, you can simply assign all your products to this default group.

Create group

Groups can be created by using the New button in the top toolbar, or by duplicating an existing group using the Duplicate button next to the group you want to duplicate from the groups list. The new group details will be automatically filled in with the duplicated group details.

Edit group

You can edit the group by clicking on the Edit button next to the group you want to edit from the groups list.

Group details

When creating a new group, or editing an existing one, the following fields are available:

Field Required Description
Name Yes This is the group name and must be unique.
Description No The group description can contain markdown text.
Publishing status Yes When published, the group will be available to be used, for example to assign products to it.

Filter groups

Groups can be filtered from the groups list, by clicking on the Filter button in the top toolbar.

Delete group

Groups can be deleted from the groups list, by clicking on the Delete link next to the group you want to delete, or from the group editing page. You won't be able to delete a group if it still has products assigned.

{danger} Deleted items are not recoverable. This action is permanent and can't be undone.