Getting started with UpdaterCloud


This is a summary of the steps required to create and configure your UpdaterCloud update server and start serving automatic private updates to your products.

Create the update server

An update server can be created from your account, by clicking the Create Update Server button. You'll have to enter a server name (e.g. My Update Server) and pick a subdomain (e.g. if entering example, your update server url will be Once done, the update server will be created and you can start configuring it. You are allowed to edit the update server details and even change the subdomain.

{warning} Only change the subdomain of your update server if none of your products are using update urls with the current subdomain, otherwise any existing update channels will return 404 Not Found responses.

Update server configuration

Create Groups

The first step we have to take is to create the product groups. This feature is optional, but may help a lot later, when creating download keys. A detailed guide about product groups can be found here.

Create a new product

The products are your Joomla extensions and templates, WordPress plugins and themes or any other self-updating web based application. A detailed guide about products can be found here. The product needs to be created only once.

Create the update channels

This is a crucial part of your update server configuration. The update channel feeds will be used by your product to find out if there are any new versions available. Here you can find a detailed guide about update channels for each supported product platform. The update channel for your product needs to be created only once (for each product). Whenever you'll release a new version from now on, your product update channel will automatically provide the latest version details.

Create a new release (product version)

Each product will have more releases (versions). Whenever a new version of your product is released, you'll have to create a new version in UpdaterCloud too. A detailed guilde about product versions can be found here.

Create a new release file (asset)

Each new version of your product can have multiple files attached (installable zip file, PDF documentation, source code zip file, etc). The most important one is the installable file, which will be served when users request updates. A detailed guide about release files can be found here.

Configure download keys format

If you're going to use the UpdaterCloud License Manager, you can customize the generated download key format form the Settings page.

Integrate automatic private updates to your product

Now that the update server is ready, the final part is to add automatic updates support to your product. Depending on your product platform (Joomla/WordPress/other), you'll need to follow the steps described in these guides: