UpdaterCloud release system


UpdaterCloud provides an intuitive, three-level release system, with unlimited products, versions and files. Whenever you have a new version available, just upload it to UpdaterCloud and your update server will take care of the rest. Your product's XML and JSON update channels will automatically provide the latest version details, so your customers will be able to update their products instantly.


Products are the top level of UpdaterCloud's release system. Each product will have many releases (versions) and each release can have many files (installable zip file, PDF documentation, etc). Basically, when you have a new version available, you need to:

  • create a new version in UpdaterCloud (enter version number, release notes)
  • create the new version release file/s (and upload your file/s)

The most important file in your new release is the installable zip file. This is what your customers will download when requesting automatic updates.

Your release files are stored in the cloud, on high-availability, secure servers. All files have virtually unguessable download urls and we perform professional 12-hour backups, so you can rest assured that your releases are safe with us.

Update channels

The release system comes with unlimited XML and JSON update channels, so you can even provide multi-channel product updates (e.g. you may want to have two different update channels for a product: one that includes development releases/nightly builds and one only for official/stable releases).

{info} If your application requires other update channel feed format (e.g. INI, YAML), let us know and we'll consider adding support for your required format too.