Update Server Settings


On this section you'll find details about the available settings on your UpdaterCloud update server.

Download keys

In this tab you'll find settings for the download key generator to use. UpdaterCloud download keys can be of two different types:

  • UUID download keys (generates a UUID4 format download key)
  • Custom format download keys (generated based on your settings)

You can also use the Generate Download Key API endpoint to programatically generate download keys from your application.

Custom Download Key Generator

Field Required Description
Allowed characters Yes The characters to be used when generating download keys. By default, lowercase letters and characters that may create confusion like 1, I, 0, O, are not used.
Segments Yes The number of segments to be used for the download key. Default: 5.
Number of characters per segment Yes The number of characters per download key segment. Default: 5.

Considering the default settings above, the resulting download key will look similar to: X2GFG-Y2CXM-BQK7Y-V77WB-9NA4S.


Old releases

Once a new version is released, the old releases file attachments become redundant. To save storage space and keep UpdaterCloud prices as low as possible, we can keep the file attachments for up to 10 old releases (versions) for each product, for cases when you want to perform rollbacks. This will not delete the old version records, but just the release files attachments.

{warning} The old releases limit is not currently enforced, but may become active in the future without any prior notice.



The GitHub personal access token must be set if any of your products use the GitHub integration with a private repository, otherwise UpdaterCloud won't be able to download the release files.


You must set the Envato personal access token if any of your products use the Envato download key validator. The access token must have the "View the user's items sales history" permission.